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Your paintings of scenes where you live, with folks sitting and standing are, in my opinion, masterfully done. I admire your creative gift. It as a timeless appeal, meaning your scenes of people in their environment are beautiful now and way into the future ($). I could see collectors getting excited about your life scenes.

Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you to keep doing your work. I hope you can submit your work to dealers here in the states, because ai see talent you have being desired by people with cash to appreciate it. But, just my opinion, Good Luck     John R.

Hello Alcina, Just wanted to tell you that the painting has indeed arrived and I m very pleased with it.Thank you so much. Something attracts me immediately to your realism and execution that is unique to you. It is simple yet very sophisticated. Definitely, you have a very clear signature in your paintings. Typically, I look for pre World War One realistic depictions of scenes next to water on the Mediterranean: men who are drinking and playing cards etc.. I like the ‘very simple passage of time’. I think I sent you some of thee paintings in pictures. I only make an exception for your pantings and those of my sister. Well, I am grateful to you for another pleasing painting and wish you all the very best in this marvelous New Year. Keep painting and I’ll drop in from time to time. Kind regards, David

Dear Alcina, I love your work! My long time boyfriend is from St. Lucia. His family is living in /castries. I love St. Lucia and feel you are so blessed to be living there. I came across your work on the internet looking for something to surprise my boyfriend as a gift for the holidays. He misses home so much and I know a memory such as your art would make him happy.    Erin

Alcina, I love your painting! It really has the feel of a lush island. Karen

Saint Lucia Memories Art by Alcina

In my studio, I record the beauty of St. Lucia in the form of paintings jewelry and crafts. My husband and I came her to visit my father and decided that this was the perfect retirement destination. So here I am , creating in paradise. Enjoy!

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