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Picture of Alcina NolleyAlcina Nolley's art is totally inspired by the beautiful scenery and people that makes St. Lucia so memorable. Since I’m not a native St. Lucian the color of the sea, the industrious people, majestic trees, and exotic fruits are never taken for granted.

My art evokes your experiences and keeps your memories alive forever. I make paintings to hang on your wall or silver jewelry to wear that will keep you happy remembering your blissful tropical days.

All of this is possible because of my love for St. Lucia being coupled with skills that I have honed over my lifetime. As a child I was always drawing. I loved Disney movies and dreamed of being a cartoonist for his company. When I went to university, I was a science major - simply because I drew scientific specimens so well. But beingk working out. My counselor recommended I change majors. My parents preferred that I study something that would sustain me. They didn’t see a “starving artist” in the family. So I compromised and trained as an art educator.

I was born and raised in Buffalo New York and the training at the State University of Buffalo Teachers College was very broad and covered all art genres. I developed an affinity for painting, intaglio printing, jewelry making.

Photo of necklaceSince I retired from teaching, I paint mostly in oil on canvas. When I teach private classes my students use acrylics. I live in a colorful part of the world, so color plays an important part in all my work. In my jewelry making, enamels and gemstones add vibrancy to the patina of silver. Over the years, the development of digital painting and ink jet printers replaced intaglio printing. I paint digitally with pixels and print my tropical scenes on canvas and paper. 

On my first visit to St. Lucia, in 1983, I experienced the surprising grandeur of nature. My husband and I were wandering around the market and George V Park, when it started to rain. We ducked under the shelter of a tree. I looked up at this mighty tree and recognized it as a ficus tree. Now I was used to ficus trees as house plants.  They are delicate trees that have to be near a window....that shiver and drop their leaves at the drop of a hat...and will maybe reach five feet, if you’re lucky. Well, the tree we were under was It was at least forty feet tall. Nature here is awe inspiring and the tropical foliage makes its way into my art quite often.

My husband and I have been permanent residents of St. Lucia since 1992.  I am grateful to live full time in a paradise that most people can only visit for a short while.

Saint Lucia Memories Art by Alcina

In my studio, I record the beauty of St. Lucia in the form of paintings jewelry and crafts. My husband and I came her to visit my father and decided that this was the perfect retirement destination. So here I am , creating in paradise. Enjoy!

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